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Remembrement au Jardin des Tuileries

Some of the 100 stone statues distributed throughout the Jardin des Tuileries have been damaged.
Twenty-three are partially broken.
They have been photographed and catalogued in their present state.
I was able to compare them with the photographs Eugène Atget and Charles Nègre took between 1870 and 1905 that show these same sculptures intact.
By analysing these documents, I was able to redraw and re-sculpt the missing pieces (about a hundred mostly small pieces in all).
The pieces will be sculpted in Carrara marble, like the originals, based on models that I will create in my studio, except for two pieces that will be recast in bronze (the laurel wreath and the shield of Pallas, both of which have disappeared from Aime Millet’s beautiful sculpture, Cassandre Places Herself under the Protection of Pallas.
All these pieces will be attached together and placed on a classical plinth on which the following will be written:


6 hands missing fingers,
8 feet and a few toes,
1 arm,
5 forearms,
2 hands with broken wrists,
6 children’s heads,
1 child’s torso,
3 male genitalia,
2 noses

but also :

1 swan’s beak,
1 crocodile head,
A horse’s hoof…

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