NordArt 2021

Paper pulp, tissue paper, rice flour, fiberglass, cardboard, wood. 2021

Just before the last typographic foundry in Paris closed, I had several hundred lead type pieces made that I had designed. These pieces represent an ear.
The body length of this character allowed me to recreate a new, larger ear, like Alexeieff with his pin screen.
The big ear is made with 420 prints of this model.
These prints are made out of paper and then glued onto cardboard. What could be more logical, when the first module is made with lead printing typeface?

Directory phone book from different countries, sound system, loudspeakers. 2021

Arranged at the height of the visitor’s head the loudspeakers will broadcast looped recordings that will repeat the sentence: “I speak the language of my mother”. 80 of the most widely spoken languages in the world will thus be audible.

Every visitor will be able to hear a sentence spoken in his mother tongue, father tongue, or the language spoken at home in early childhood or the one in which this visitor thinks and expresses himself most naturally. The translations sometimes differ slightly: “I speak the language I breastfed” “I speak the language of my ancestors” …

Since everyone can regain their mother tongue, there are no more foreign visitors.

You are invited to take a trip around the world in just a few steps, in the center of the room, a worldwide hubbub.