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Wood felt brass.
(L x w x h) 1.65 x 1.40 x 0.95

A piano without strings on which the keys are missing…
And also a memorial to elephants.
No longer a piano, no longer quite a billiards table, it is perfectly useless. Both billiards and piano have become unplayable.
A single elephant tusk can produce seven billiard balls or some twenty piano keys.
The use of ivory in the manufacture of piano keys and billiard balls only ceased in 1989 as a result of laws restricting its trade.
Between 1853 and 1980, the Steinway company alone produced more than 500,000 instruments, in a period in which more than fifty piano brands existed worldwide.
That comes to thirty million pianos, and about as many billiards tables.
Leaving aside buttons, fans and cutlery handles, 7,000,000 elephants were sacrificed for their tusks (6 million for billiards 1 million for piano keys). The current rate of slaughter, despite the legislation in place, is still one hundred a day.
The Piallard et Bino is therefore the biggest elephant killer in the world.