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Installation by Véronique Bourgoin.

Véronique Bourgoin, artist and founder of the Atelier Reflexe, created a federating installation in the manner of a collage of juxtaposed worlds combining publications, artworks, sculptures and photographs drawn from the collections of Atelier Reflexe and the Royal Book Lodge. A transportable and transformable cosmic salon that opens up a journey that is both poetic and historical.
A history that starts in a pavilion in Montreuil-sous-Bois, redesigned in 1989 by Véronique Bourgoin and Juli Susin as a place conducive to collaborations, a space station lost in the middle of nowhere but close to everything.

Véronique Bourgoin has made her living room – her salon – mobile and with each installation recreates a new space in trompe l’oeil, mirroring the “salon” as a place for collaborations and exchanges. Black and white wallpaper creates a nostalgic decor replete with unusual objects – VHS cassettes, vinyls, books and curiosities – to compose a dreamlike reflection on the transformation of the space of communication.

An installation featuring works by: Antoine d’Agata, FR • André Butzer, GER • Véronique Bourgoin, FR • Linda Bilda, AUS • Joan Fontcuberta, SP • Gelatin, AUS • Sara Glaxia, MX • Guðný Guðmundsdóttir, IS • Les Hole Garden, FR • Abdel Kader Rifi, Adolfo Kaminsky, ARG • Martin Kippenberger, GER • Paul Kooiker, NL • Gilles T. Lacombe, FR • Pascale Lecoq, FR • Richard Lecoq, FR • Jean-Louis Leibovitch, FR • Jérôme Lefdup, FR • Anne Lefebvre, FR • Jochen Lempert, GER • Boris Mikhailov, UKR • Juli Susin, UK and the Royal Book Lodge collection featuring the works of: Abel Auer, GER • Matali Crasset, FR • Andy Hope 1930, GER • Daniel Johnston, US • Jonathan Meese, GER • Raymond Pettibon, US • Ralph Rumney, UK • Storwal, IS • Miroslav Tichy, CZ.