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Kunstwerk Carlshütte

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It’s celebration time at the cold meat counter…

Metal, wood, closed circuit video surveillance (variable dimensions

Barbed wire violin bows rip through the stifling air.
“Well if you own a mill, you must have things to grind, right?”
“No! The miller has decided to focus on a different market, one with a bright future, prosthetics.”
The saws simply finish the job.
Which does not prevent everything from taking place in an openly festive atmosphere, in total safety, because four security cameras are continuously filming. The images are transmitted to a monitor where visitors may survey the scene at their leisure.

The dress for changing times

Wedding dress, frontal projection (1.7m x 0.15m x 0.15m)

In the story of Donkeyskin, if we remember, the king manages to satisfy every impossible request made of him by the fairy. And here the impossible is a wedding dress with explosions on it – natural or volcanic explosions perhaps?
Today, the sky on the dress the colour of time is looking rather heavy.